Bramalea Elevator Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of material handling with more than 35 years of industry experience.
We design and manufacture custom-made solutions for vertical transportation
with our main area of expertise being freight-related solutions.


Our products and solutions

Open Material Lift | Bramalea Elevator

Material Lift

The Material Lift is a safe, rugged, reliable and economical means to transport freight with rider between two or more fixed levels....

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Freight Elevator

Freight Elevators have been at the heart of industry for over 100 years. Their purpose is to withstand the heavy freight and tough environment that in...

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Auto Elevators | Bramalea Elevator

Automobile Elevator

Automobile Elevators are ideal for use in parking garages, condominiums, car dealerships and homes....

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Medical Dumbwaiters | Bramalea Elevator


A dumbwaiter is an efficient way of transporting smaller material between different levels...

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Wheelchair Lift | Bramalea Elevator

Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair Platform Lifts (often called a Handicapped lift) are designed to safely transport persons in a wheelchair, plus an attendant one or more le...

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Turnkey | Bramalea Elevator

Turnkey Solutions

Bramalea Elevator has designed the perfect solution when constructing a hoistway is not possible. ...

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