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Automobile Elevators for your Building

Automobile Elevators are widely used for transportation of vehicles to the top of the building or to the basement and showrooms. These are an easy so...

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What is a Material Lift?

The Material Lift is a permitted device under the ASME A17.1/CSA B 44 that allows for authorized operator with material to ride in the elevator car. I...

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Logo | Bramalea Elevator Ltd.

Welcome to Bramalea Elevator

At Bramalea Elevator, our strength lies in providing custom-made solutions for vertical transportation, primarily for freight. We believe that, being ...

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Vancouver Buildex 2017

Vancouver Buildex 2017

Attention all Architects, Contractors, Construction Companies, Real Estate firms, Building Owners, Landlords & Hobbyists enthusiastic about the constr...

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automobile elevator

Maximize Space with Minimal Costs Using an Automobile Elevator

Unavoidably, one of the biggest issues with storing vehicles - whether it's only one or two, or dozens - is the matter of space. Given how much spac...

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