4 Reasons to Consider ‘In-house’ Manufacturers Versus Those who Outsource

The economy we live in today is a globalized one. Outsourcing is a household word, commonplace in every industry and undoubtedly comes with benefits. However, keeping the entire production process under one roof, or ‘in-house’ is still greatly beneficial. As a company who designs and manufactures their products, Bramalea Elevator has thrived as an in-house designer, fabricator and supplier of Freight Elevators and Lifts for over 25 years.  Their sales team explains the benefits of  partnering with companies who keep it “all under one roof”.


At the Bramalea Elevator Head Office, our sales, engineering, manufacturing and R&D are all under the same roof. The result is the interlinked process of design, engineering, product development and production. We have the flexibility to change specifications as per our clients requests quickly. Instead of having to contact partners on the other side of the world to change something, add something or contribute an idea, one department simply has to meet the other down the hall to make that change in a timely manner. Time saved equals money saved for our clients.


One of the biggest downfalls of outsourcing is the difficulty in customizing the product. Change orders have to go through a range of processes, which can lead to a higher likelihood of error. With every resource under one roof, Bramalea Elevator is able to offer a customized product that directly suits the needs of our clients. In the industry of Freight Elevators, no two projects are the same, so it is important we have the ability to offer customized solutions. This is achieved because the easy access to our in-house team.


The drive to outsource is due mainly in part because of the cost savings. However, many companies who offer customized products such as Bramalea Elevator, may not find the benefits of outsourcing products nearly as great. As we only manufacture modest numbers of products and use few components verses global manufacturers, we don’t benefit from the savings that mass production allows. For us, in-house manufacturing may not cost a significant amount more than outsourcing it. Yet the amount of control we have over our production significantly helps to balance the manufacturing costs, and most often results in more savings for the client.


Here at Bramalea Elevator we take pride in the fact that nearly every component of every product we sell is sourced locally and Canadian made. As an in-house manufacturer, we have complete choice over our vendors. Partnering with other local business has a multitude of benefits, such as helping to improve our economy, both locally and nationally, reduces the carbon footprint and provides jobs. This ultimately enriches our communities and supports business and hard working people. We like having a part in that kind of positive change.

For more on Bramalea Elevator and the products and service they offer, visit our product page.

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