Discover the Range of Wheelchair Elevator Options in Detroit

One of the foremost considerations for the modern building owner is the level of accessibility provided to those visiting the property. The building should be accessible to clients with accessibility needs and this mean introducing the latest wheelchair elevator options. Our experts at Bramalea Elevator have decades of experience in this area of the industry and we’re now offering a full range of wheelchair elevator products and services in Detroit.

Turn to Bramalea Elevator for:

  • Experienced guidance

Our team has decades of experience within the conveyance marketplace and can harness this experience to ensure the ideal return on investment for the building owner. They know the laws regardless wheelchair elevator performance and can respond with the ideal service options for the building owner. This process helps limit the maintenance need for the system in the future and helps drive ideal performance.

  • Customization options

The full range of wheelchair elevator products from Bramalea Elevator includes all the options a building owner will need for their property. The company has options for various weight capacities and platform sizes and can work with the building owner directly to help them to integrate the ideal conveyance system for their property. Options such as the no-pit design help further enhance the range of advantages provided by working with Bramalea Elevator.

  • Safety & performance in one

Safety is the utmost priority in all elements of our elevator design work. The wheelchair elevator systems we provide Detroit clients are designed to conform with the B355 safety standard, helping building owners meet their accessibility commitments for the coming years. Each of the systems we manufacture also goes through extensive testing before the elevator is opened to the public and our team is available on short notice to answer any performance-related questions from clients.

It’s the trusted service for leading class wheelchair elevator installation in Detroit. To discover more on our service options, book a consultation today!

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