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Bramalea Elevator Ltd: Los Angeles Experts for Refined Freight Elevator Design

Freight elevators must be built to the highest of manufacturing standards to withstand the tough requirements of everyday use. Our trusted team here at Bramalea Elevator Ltd. recognizes the challenges our clients face in choosing high performance elevators for their buildings. It’s why we’re offering full design and manufacturing that ensures the ideal freight system is built for each property.

Choosing Your Freight Elevator

Choosing the right freight elevator for your Los Angeles building is a major decision. Consider the following elements before making your choice:

  • Weight Capacity

Does the system respond to your needs in terms of weight capacity? Can it carry the full load of your machinery between floors? We offer a range of options to suit all capacity and loading requirements.

  • Long lasting Performance

Make sure your system is designed for lasting performance. Our design team makes durability a priority and ensures each system is built for seamless operation.

  • Service Demands

Choose a system that offers low maintenance performance around the clock. Our systems are built to the highest of performance standards.

Clients turn to our skilled team for:

  • Design Guidance

We have decades of experience in designing and building the leading freight elevator systems across North America. This means you can turn to our design experts for guidance in responding to your structural challenges. Whether you’re looking for a completely refreshed approach to your building demands or an upgrade on your older model, our designers can help to build the ideal system for your property.

  • Two Quality Base Models

We offer two superior base models within our catalogue; the FEc Series Wall Mounted Freight Elevator and the FEt Series Wall Mounted Freight Elevator. The FEc Series system is designed featuring up to 4000lb load capacity, while the FEt Series is available with 5000lb and above load capacity. Each of these systems features a hydraulic cylinder(s) design and offer highly safe and economic performance.

  • Guaranteed for the Lifetime of the Building

Our team recognizes the importance of lasting value for Los Angeles building owners choosing a freight elevator, and that’s why our systems are guaranteed for the lifetime of the building. We work with you to ensure your system is working to peak performance.

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