Freight Elevator Solutions

Freight Elevators have been at the heart of industry for over 100 years. Their purpose is to handle heavy cargo whilst withstanding tough industrial and commercial environments. Bramalea’s Freight Elevators are the most durable and reliable on the market today. They can be customized to meet any design needs and are guaranteed to last the lifetime of the building.

Freight Elevators are the recommended choice over Material Lifts when i) travel is greater than 5.0m (7.6m in Ontario), ii) automatic operation is required or iii) speed greater than 0.15 m/sec (30 fpm) is required.

The Key Features are:

  • Rider permitted and designed to carry heavy freight and other material between multiple levels
  • Rugged, reliable, safe and designed to last the lifetime of the building
  • Various cab size, capacity, speed, and travel heights available
  • Environmentally friendly non-buried hydraulic cylinder drive system
  • Exceeds elevator safety standard ASME A17.1 & CSA B-44.

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