Material Lift

The Material Lift is a safe, rugged, reliable and economical means to transport freight with rider between two or more fixed levels. These lifts are extremely versatile and can be found in a number of different environments including factories, warehouses, retail and grocery stores, hospitals, storage facilities, condominiums (garbage lifts), dealerships, hotels, restaurants and institutions. Bramalea Elevator is able to customize each lift to suit the exact need of the project. We offer two standard designs.

The MLc series is a cantilever design and has a weight capacity up to 3,000lb. Typical applications include grocery store and warehouse pallets which typically do not exceed this capacity.

The MLt series is a dual cylinder design and has a weight capacity of 5,000lb – 15,000lb. The cylinder and guide rails are mounted on either side of the cab, allowing the lift to manage the heavier, sometimes offset loads that come with heavier freight loading.


The Key Features are:

  • Applicable when travel does not exceed 5.0m (7.6m in Ontario).
  • Platform size as per request.
  • Weight capacity up to 15,000lb.
  • "Zero pit " option available (code permitting).
  • Continuous pressure push button operation.
  • All non-proprietary parts used.
  • Environmentally friendly non-buried hydraulic cylinder design.
  • Meets and exceeds elevator safety standard ASME A17.1/CSA B-44.

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