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Within Calgary and beyond, freight elevator systems help building owners ensure their occupants are safe and have access to a conveyance system to travel with large and heavy items.


It’s essential building owners select the ideal elevator for their property. If you’re searching for Calgary freight elevator experts, Bramalea Elevator is the partner of choice in the marketplace.


We offer over 40 years of experience, 25 years as a company, and a commitment to integrating high-performance freight elevators for the unique property.

Turn to Bramalea Elevator for:

Safe Elevator State of the Art Features

Safety is the priority when integrating a freight elevator in your Calgary building. We go to great lengths to ensure that each elevator we install is offered alongside the leading safety components.


For example, our Calgary freight elevator experts add two-way communication systems to each elevator, and we also offer battery-powered light and alarm components.

Reliable Performance

Clients turn to Bramalea Elevator for the reliable performance of our systems, each of which is certified as per the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).


In addition, our lift fabrication is done as per the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and we hire only licensed, professional engineers.


We also build our freight elevators uniquely for each building, and so we can hone its performance based on the demands within the property. This means that you’ll receive the ideal system for your building and its occupants for years to come.

Full Customization

Each element of our freight elevator systems in Calgary is designed to be customized for the client. So, you can optimize your building’s freight elevator according to unique, often restrictive specifications.


We can build elevators according to weight capacities of up to 20,000lbs and we can customize the platform according to the unique sizing parameters of the freight being transported.


Whether you require a freight elevator for your factory or for an apartment complex, we can offer the ideal solution built uniquely for your property.

Long-Term Maintenance Services

In addition to our excellence in installing freight elevators, we guarantee the quality of our work and offer 1 year or optional extended warranty to all our clientele.


This means, in the unlikely event you encounter a performance issue with your freight elevator, a Bramalea Elevator expert can respond to the issue with expertise and precision.

Professional elevator systems experts are standing-by to speak with you. Call 416-571-0376 now to speak with an expert


If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to contact
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