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5 Questions to Ask Vancouver Elevator Manufacturers

Elevator equipment adds significant value to your company by streamlining workflows and improving team safety. To help guide you in choosing superior quality equipment, here are five questions you must ask a Vancouver elevator manufacturer before selecting their systems.

  1. Do You Have Referrals?

Ensure the manufacturer you select connects you with their past clients. Former clients of the firm can explain the company’s expertise and their hands-on working process during their previous projects. Bramalea Elevator has proven experience building conveyance equipment for brands across the Canadian marketplace. You can speak to our team directly about our successful projects.

  1. What Type of Elevator Do You Recommend?

This question will give you an insight into the team member’s expertise and understanding of your project requirements. If you feel unsure about their answer, you might turn to a company with better background knowledge. From vehicle lifts to freight elevators, Bramalea Elevator offers quality conveyance equipment to serve a range of business needs.

  1. How Complicated Is the Maintenance Process?

Ensure the elevators you install within your facility offer a straightforward maintenance process and have the manufacturer explain this maintenance process in detail. Our systems operate without conventional buried hydraulic cylinders. They have fewer components and require less maintenance than most other systems on the market.

  1. What is the Total Cost?

Before beginning the project, ensure you know the total cost – from purchase to integration - for your selected conveyance system. Bramalea Elevator is committed to an open pricing model, giving you visibility into the total cost of your purchase. This approach allows you to make a more effective decision for your business over the years ahead.

  1. What Is Your Distinct Design Strategy?

Each elevator manufacturer has a design strategy and policy. At Bramalea Elevator, our strategy centers on simple, efficient, and innovative conveyance engineering. Our design objective is to reduce your business costs and support the highest levels of safety and working efficiency within your facility.

Bramalea Elevator: Leaders in Elevator Engineering

Ready to review your elevator design options? Book a consultation with our team today!

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