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Bramalea Elevator: Decades of Car Lift Installation Excellence

Our team at Bramalea Elevator works with you to integrate car lifts that not only provide convenience but intuitive performance within your property.

Our years of experience are the foundation of our installation process. The company’s car elevators are popular with Calgary architects and building planners, as they help in maximizing space and support superior design flexibility.

Here’s why so many clients now select Bramalea Elevator for car lift installation:

  • The highest commitment to safety standards

At Bramalea Elevator we don’t compromise when it comes to safety and performance. The design and engineering behind each lift exceed the standards set under the ASME A17.1 & CSA B-44 protocols. So, you can rest assured your system provides safe, optimal performance for the decades to come.

  • Designed for all car styles

Whether the goal is to transport SUVs, cargo vans, trucks or sedans, Bramalea Elevator’s car lifts offer the perfect solution. Each of our lifts has the flexibility to carry all vehicle styles as well as a driver and passenger between levels within the property. And so, if you’re considering investing in a new vehicle, you can rest assured that your Bramalea Elevator system will scale with your selections.

  • Tested for performance

Each of our car lifts goes through rigid testing protocols ready for use within your building. Our engineering team has devised tests that help review the capacity of the lift under a variety of conditions, ensuring that every angle of performance is covered before the lift goes into production. It’s a commitment to product excellence that has helped Bramalea Elevator continue to grow over our decades in the industry.

  • Enhance the use of space in any building

Because our car elevators are engineered for use in all styles of Calgary building, you can enhance the use of space in any property. This is especially important for condo building owners, as a car elevator can help to attract new buyers and tenants looking for safe and convenient vehicle storage within the building.

Ready to speak to a product expert? Call our team now to see the transformative impact car elevators can have on your Calgary property.

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