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Bramalea Elevator: Excellence in Calgary Cargo Lift Engineering

Commercial building owners recognize that freight elevators can be cumbersome and expensive to run. It’s why so many search for an alternative that offers lasting value and optimal performance. Bramalea Elevator’s lifts feature a broad range of design options and are customized to your exact requirements.

With decades of engineering experience as a foundation, our Calgary team builds commercial cargo lifts that offer the perfect, cost-effective alternative to the traditional freight elevator.

Turn to Bramalea Elevator for:

  • Free standing & self supported enclosure structures

We harness our design expertise to build both free standing commercial cargo elevators as well as self supported structures with an enclosure.

This design flexibility means you can select a style of cargo elevator that best meets your application requirements. Our team will work with you and visit your facility to determine which commercial cargo lifts offer the best value in your Calgary building.

  • Environmental leadership

We’re the local leaders for environmentally friendly systems that exceed the latest standards within the marketplace. Each of our commercial lifts features a non-buried hydraulic cylinder drive system, limiting the impact of potentially harmful contaminants within your building.

  • Various weight capacities

Our team understands the challenges of attempting to meet the requirements of specific transportation requirements within your building. And that’s why our Calgary experts build our commercial cargo elevators with various weight capacities. So, whether you’re operating a grocery store and require produce moved from one floor to another, or you’re moving heavy equipment within a warehouse, we can respond with precision.

  • Rider permitted systems

Each of our commercial elevators are engineered for use with authorized handlers on board.

This ensures your team can control each element of equipment operation and maintain a seamless communication connection from one side of the lift to the other.

Bramalea Elevator is the leader of note for the industry’s highest quality conveyance systems. To speak with a local Calgary expert in detail regarding our commercial cargo lifts, call us today!

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bhanu anupam
Apr 14, 2023

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