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Choosing the right commercial wheelchair lift supplier in Toronto is not always easy, and we at Bram

Accessibility to buildings should be a top-of-mind concern for everyone, even if they aren’t wheelchair-bound. This is particularly true for property developers and owners. Beyond the moral side of the issue, it’s legally required for all buildings to have a wheelchair lift that meets all of the standard accessibility codes. This means that it’s your prerogative to invest in the latest and greatest commercial handicap elevator options in Toronto.

We’re able to help you by providing you with the best wheelchair elevator options available in Toronto. Our dedicated team at Bramalea Elevator has been an industry leader for decades and specializes in providing high-quality commercial wheelchair lifts. Our decades of experience has afforded us the opportunity to provide you with guidance and top of the line elevators. We have a wide suite of commercial wheelchair elevators and services in the Toronto area.

Our Wheelchair Lifts

There are many different types of wheelchair elevators. There are typically two different kinds, vertical and inclined. An inclined wheelchair lift is typically used when you can’t install a traditional vertical handicap elevator. Vertical handicap elevators require a hoist-way, pit or concrete pad to be able to secure the lift. Unless you’re installing a lift in your private home, you’ll likely be going with a vertical wheelchair lift. These lifts must adhere to codes and requirements.

In many cases, complying with such codes and requirements can be complex and confusing. We’re here to help. No matter what your needs are, we’re here to help. Large buildings to small, we do it all. Our experienced technicians and staff can help you navigate the complex world of elevator design and installation. And, you can be certain that you’re not only getting the best service, but you’re also getting the absolute best product too. We pride ourselves in our work, and we know you’ll love working with us.

You Can Count on Us!

You can rest easy knowing that our elevators are top of the line, as is our expert guidance and service. Our decades of industry experience means that your working experience with us, from planning to implementation to servicing, will be super easy.

In addition to our experience, when you choose Bramalea, you’re choosing a brand that puts an emphasis on balancing safety and performance. With us, you’ll never have to compromise one to gain the other ever again. We believe that our products should be as safe as they possibly can be, but our products will also perform at their peak for the long term. If there happens to be an issue with our products, our service team will be there to help you no matter what the issue.

Contact Us Today!

We’re here to help you throughout your selection. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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