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The Elevator Solutions for Toronto Buildings without a Hoistway

A hoistway is an area of the building in which elevators can be easily integrated. With the components already in place, conveyance companies simply need to add their systems to the area.

But what about buildings without a hoistway?

In this latest post, we’ll explain the elevator options for Toronto buildings without a hoistway.

Free Standing Lifts Ideal for Your Toronto Property

Many building owners now turni to specialist companies such as Bramalea Elevator for free-standing lifts.

The free-standing lift is a relatively new addition to the industry and offers the following benefits:

  • They reduce building costs

A key benefit of free-standing elevators is they’re designed to reduce your building costs. Integration work can be completed in a consolidated timeframe, enabling your building to run effectively within just a few days of the installation work starting.

  • They offer reliability

Free-standing elevators offer a level of reliability that is unmatched across the industry. This means that you won’t be spending time having to work with maintenance teams. And you can provide your building staff and visitors with an elevator that offers the highest levels of performance over the long-term.

  • They offer building design versatility

The flexibility provided by free-standing elevators means they can be integrated into any area of the property. You don’t have to worry about finding the right hoistway for the system or placing the elevator in an area with existing infrastructure. The entire free-standing elevator is designed to be added in one unit to the property. You’ll regain total control over your building operations while ensuring the design meets your requirements with precision.

Considerations for Free-Standing Elevators

Before choosing free-standing elevators for your Toronto building, make sure you take into consideration:

  • The elevator company’s experience

How much experience does the installation company have and can they use this experience to ensure a seamless addition to your building?

  • The total cost of the project

Costs for integrating free-standing elevators can vary wildly across the industry. Make sure that you have a clear idea about the total costs before you commit to the investment.

  • The warranty

What is the warranty for your elevator? Does the installation company offer a guarantee of performance over the long-term? Find out how much coverage is provided and the potential additional cost for maintenance work.

Our team at Bramalea Elevator can help you save on quality free-standing elevators. To learn more on how to install elevators in buildings without a hoistway, call us today to discuss the options.

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