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Why Elevators Are Perfect for Commercial Applications

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

For many businesses in Vancouver, there is a need to ensure easy and safe accessibility for both goods and personnel within their commercial buildings.

Among elevator companies in Vancouver, Bramalea Elevator best meets this need with versatile, high-quality commercial elevators custom-designed for business applications. No matter your type of company or building, there is an elevator for you.

A Plethora of Commercial Elevators Options

There are various kinds of commercial elevators that help companies and organizations run their day-to-day activities more smoothly. Below are some options available at Bramalea Elevator.

  1. The Material Lift: This elevator goes by many names; however, the essential purpose of material lifts is for transporting freight and operating personnel vertically in a building. Some may mistake a material lift for a freight elevator, but there are a few differences.

  2. The Freight Elevator: These are used mainly for transporting heavy freight across different platforms in a building. They supersede the material lift in terms of speed, capacity, and travel area.

  3. Auto Elevator: as the name implies, this elevator is used for carrying and lifting vehicles. It can be used for residential and commercial reasons and can be a great way to maximize parking space at home or work.

  4. Dumbwaiters: Dumbwaiters are similar to freight elevators in design, but they are smaller in size and capacity.

Even More Benefits for your Commercial Application

Apart from the variety in elevator choice, our commercial elevators offer flexibility in elevator installations for new and old buildings.

Here are some other reasons why we stand out among elevator installation companies in Vancouver.

  • Ease of Installation: We maximize the available space in your building, and reduce the need for excessive reconstruction. Unlike other elevator companies in Vancouver, Bramalea Elevator offers cargo lifts and commercial elevators that do not require pit depth, leaving more design room. Additionally, our team of certified experts are aware that both time and money are big factors in decision making. That is why You can expect quick and efficient installation times that maximizes cost savings.

  • Safety Is Paramount: Commercial elevators are built to the highest safety standards. You can have peace of mind knowing that there will be little risk of injury to staff or damage to cargo. That is because all our products are designed to meet or exceed the rigorous safety standards of the elevator safety code B44 & ASME A17.1. Not to be outdone, our elevators can be fitted with extra safety features such as backup lighting, battery powered alarms, emergency backup power etc. Rest assured, with Bramalea Elevator, your personnel and goods will be safe.

  • Increased Capacity and Speed: All our commercial elevators can withstand a weights ranging from 500-20,000lb, with operating speeds of 30 fpm(for material lifts) and 50fpm - 100fpm (for freight elevators). Thus, speed and efficiency are guaranteed. We'll inspect your building and customize a solution that safely maximizes your freight transit needs.

  • Operational Convenience: Our freight elevators come standard with automatic door operation, and optional remote FOB control to allow for smooth and easy loading and unloading of cargo using motorized devices such as forklifts or carts. All of our elevators are built with two-speed valves, which allow for smooth starts and stops, eliminating jerking during movement. This helps remove unnecessary stress or damage to precious cargo while being incredibly easy to use.

Choosing an Elevator Company in Vancouver

Searching for commercial freight elevators & material lifts, it is always best to use a dependable elevator company with proven expertise. There are many elevator companies in Vancouver, however, you should choose one that offers durable products, safe installations, a good warranty, and timely maintenance.

Bramalea Elevator boasts years of experience in the business of providing durable elevators for commercial use. Our commitment to excellent delivery puts us light years ahead of other elevator companies in Vancouver.

Contact Us

Our team of experts would be more than willing to help you select an elevator that suits your economic and business needs. Contact us or give us a call today for more information.

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