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An FAQ On Commercial Elevators for Your Toronto Building

Commercial elevators are the ideal option for moving heavy objects within your commercial building.

But it can be difficult to select the right elevator for your property.

Our team at Bramalea Elevator has significant experience in this industry. Let’s explore some common questions regarding choosing commercial elevators for a Toronto property.

Ask These Questions Before Investing in Commercial Elevators

  • How often do commercial elevators require maintenance?

Because of the higher demands placed upon the system, commercial elevators may require more maintenance by Toronto professionals than other systems. It’s recommended that your commercial elevators are serviced at least once a month. Another important consideration is safety analysis. Your elevators must undergo a safety inspection at least once per year to ensure that all safety standards are met with precision.

  • What is the right style of elevator for my building?

When choosing commercial elevators for your Toronto building, make sure you consult with a conveyance expert such as the team at Bramalea Elevator. We can help you select the right size and style of elevator for the application. And we offer a range of products designed for specific use throughout your building. For example, we can offer specialized systems for the transportation of vehicles, furniture, and commercial equipment. We can also design and install commercial elevators for use with wheelchairs and for those with accessibility needs.

  • What is elevator modernization?

Commercial elevator modernization involves the upgrading of older conveyance systems to meet modern building codes. Modernization helps to ensure the elevator meets the required standards for performance in the long-term. It also helps mitigate issues with maintenance, that can prevent systems operating safely.

  • What are the leading safety considerations for a commercial elevator?

When reviewing the need for a commercial elevator in your building, ensure that the total weight capacity of the elevator is considered. This capacity will depend upon the type of equipment being transported and the construction of the system. Heavier equipment such as vehicles and construction equipment will require a larger weight capacity. Another important consideration is redundant safety technology. The leading systems feature a number of redundant safety elements to reduce fall risks and issues related to structural damage. It’s also important to consider potential electrical failures. The system should have a safety switch that provides power in case of electrical failure throughout the building.

Our team here at Bramalea Elevator will help you design and install the best commercial elevator for your Toronto building. To discover more about our company and our services, contact us today.

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