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Here's How Commercial Dumbwaiters Can Boost Productivity And Help Your Business

Installing a dumbwaiter in a home has long been recognized as a convenience, but a commercial dumbwaiter has a lot of advantages to offer businesses too. They can easily transport heavy or large items between floors, for a start, but they also help employees avoid accidents and navigating flights of stairs with bulky items that pose all kinds of risks. Here are a few other ways in which dumbwaiters boost productivity and can eventually help your business.

Processes become smoother

When you install a commercial dumbwaiter, your business starts to operate more smoothly almost instantly because they help restaurants move dishes faster and offices transport boxes of documents or heavy equipment more efficiently. When employees move items quickly and safely, this only increases efficiency because they can get more done in a lot less time.

The advantage of safety

There are all kinds of safety features incorporated into the design of dumbwaiters. They operate on a rail system and are equipped with standard safety features that include a slack cable, trolley brake, final limit, and locking door. They come in all kinds of sizes and can carry more than 500 pounds. They have become increasingly popular in commercial buildings of all kinds, from restaurants to hotels, for the convenience and safety they offer when it comes to the transportation of all kinds of materials.

Reduce risks and improve efficiency

A commercial dumbwaiter helps any business by eliminating the physical strain involved in picking up and transporting objects throughout a building. It eliminates injuries to personnel and completes simple transportation tasks in half of the time it would normally take employees to accomplish.

Lower costs

When you get a dumbwaiter installed by professionals, you lower costs in the long run. You no longer have to pay extra staff to run meals to multiple floors at a restaurant, for example, or take on more personnel to move equipment around when you have access to reliable machinery that can do the task consistently without a fuss.

Contact us for commercial dumbwaiters

When it comes to installing and maintaining commercial dumbwaiters, Bramalea Elevator Ltd. provides custom-made solutions for vertical transportation. Our dumbwaiters have a capacity of up to 600 lb., use non-proprietary parts and meet elevator safety standard ASMI 17.1 & CSA B44. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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