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Why You Should Consider a Specific Elevator to Move Heavy Cargo

Why is it important to buy a specialized elevator to move heavy cargo? It’s an important question business owners and building managers should ask, especially when they may already have one or multiple passenger elevators in their place of business. It may seem like an unnecessary cost, but there are some very important reasons to consider an elevator that is specifically designed to move material: Robust Design An elevator that is classified for the movement of material, such as a Material Lift or Freight Elevator, will be designed in such a way as to be more robust and durable than a passenger elevator, in order to withstand the substantial weight and often oversized material required to carry. Elevator floors, walls and doors are constructed of reinforced steel. The sling assembly is engineered to handle uneven and concentrated loads. Sturdy hydraulic cylinders are the preferred drive system. Why is this important? Think of it this way, would you buy a 2-door sedan if you needed to move lumber, or bags of cement for example? Probably not, because you know that a sedan, although a great car for getting around, is not designed to carry lumber or cement. The same holds true for elevators. A passenger elevator just isn’t designed for such usage. Improve Productivity With proper engineering and robust design, the result is an elevator that will last the lifetime of the building. All too often the sales team at Bramalea Elevator see passenger elevators out of commission due to improper use (people typically like to overload elevators). Consider the resulting effect: an inactive elevator is not only a frustrating experience, it also leads to a decline in productivity. Any such decline is a loss in profit. It’s simple math. The chance of a breakdown is significantly less with an elevating device properly designed to carry material. Less breakdowns, means you maintain productivity, which means profits stay on track! Code Requirement If you need to primarily lift material between fixed levels above two meters in travel height, you likely need to comply with the Elevator Safety Code, CSA – B44 Safety Code in Canada and ASME A17.1 Safety Code in the United States. Individual jurisdictions will adopt preferred version of the code in full or in part so it is essential to know the law in your state/province. Failure to do so, could result in the state/provincial authority deeming the device illegal, requiring upgrades to re-commission and meet codes, costing thousands of dollars, along with a loss in production time. The moral of this story here is it’s the law that you are choosing the correct elevator for the job. The Bramalea Elevator sales team are experts in this field and know the safety codes well, so they can help you choose the correct elevating device. Safety It is important to point out here that cargo elevators and passenger elevators are held to the same high standard of safety in North America. But when you compare cargo elevators with means other than a passenger elevator to lift material, that is when safety can become a concern. It never ceases to amaze the Bramalea sales team when they come across alternative methods to move heavy material. Uncertified and unsafe rope pulley systems, holes cut in floors for fork trucks, unlicensed cranes or hoisting chains, just to name a few examples. Even the method of carrying goods up flights of stairs can be unsafe. The result can be employee strains and sprains, missed work time and OHS claims. The point here is that a specialize elevator to lift material is the safest choice. For more information on specialized material elevators and Bramalea Elevator’s line of products and services, give us a call, or provide your information below for a free, no obligation quote.

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