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What Are Some of The Perks Car Elevators Offer?

As the population in global cities densifies, the competition for parking space becomes stiffer. Growing cities, such as Calgary, have to maximize the use of car elevators to accommodate the growing need. They are also an excellent alternative to renovating your home garage. Its increased use in the city can be linked to the numerous advantages car elevators offer.

1. Car elevators help in prolonging the life-span of your car

Investing in a car elevator is a sure way to ensure your cars are kept safe from the elements. Instead of parking your vehicles in an open space, installing a car lift in your Calgary apartment home, office, garages, would ensure you can fit your cars into a building and away from adverse weather conditions, accidents, and possible theft.

2. Maximizes Space and Cost

most homes in Calgary have a one-car garage, but many homes also have more than one car. A car elevator allows you to maximize unused vertical garage space, as opposed to the high cost of renovating and expanding your garage to fit more than one car.

3. Car transportation is made easier

Car elevators are most useful for multi-floored apartments, car parks, and car showrooms, where it is necessary for cars to be lifted and transported vertically.

4. Car Elevators can be used for more than just cars

Even though they are called “car” elevators, they can carry more than cars. With the right weight capacity, car elevators can carry trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, etc.

The Perks of Using Car Elevators

Car elevators from Bramalea Elevator are designed for flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness to meet our Calgarian clients’ needs. We work with each client to install car elevators that meet the client’s specific needs for optimum satisfaction.

Key Features

These are some of the reasons our car lifts in Calgary and our service stands out among other car elevator companies.

Cost-Effectiveness: With Car elevators, you can save the cost of land - which is expensive in cities like Calgary.

Durability: Get a car lift that is built to be rugged with a life-span as long as its container building.

Safety: Our elevators meet and exceed all applicable safety standards set by the local safety laws in Calgary, such as the ASME A17.1 & CSA B-44.

Flexibility: We deliver car elevators that allow architects some form of flexibility while preserving the building’s market value.

Environmentally friendly: We install car elevators using non-buried hydraulic cylinder systems that do not negatively impact the earth through oil leakage.

Multipurpose: Our car elevators are safe for transporting a range of vehicles, drivers, and multiple passengers across several vertical levels.

Contact Us

Reach out to us today to get the best car lifts Calgary has to offer. Our experts are also happy to help with maintenance for your car elevators.

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