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With over three decades of providing bespoke vertical freight transportation, Bramalea Elevator has earned its place as an industry leader among elevator companies in Vancouver.

Our commitment has always been to exceed the expectations of our customers when it comes to optimized and effortless cargo movement.


It has driven us to ensure the safety, reliability, and functionality of our freight without compromise.

Among elevator companies in Vancouver, we excel by putting all our efforts into ensuring all your needs are met. Our prestigious custom-made designs guarantee that you will get an elevator that is right for you.

We manufacture, install, and service your elevators in an economical way. Our installations are faster and we adhere to all safety codes. We pride ourselves on products that are eco-friendly, quiet, and require less maintenance.

Products Without Parallel

We offer a wide variety of modern elevators for our clients to choose from. All of our meets the Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators ASME A17.1/CSA B-44 standard, so you have no worry when it comes to safety.

Among elevator manufacturers in Vancouver, we are known for our legendary durability so you won’t need a replacement anytime soon. Learn more about our range of products and let our experts help you adapt them to your business structure.

Material Lifts

Material lifts are a reliable way to transport different types of freight between floors. Material lifts perform a bevy of jobs in hospitals, storage facilities, warehouses, grocery stores, or retail stores. Authorized handlers can accompany the cargo safely as the lift does all the work.

Automobile Elevator – Garage Car Lift Storage

Our automobile elevators are the ultimate solutions to conserve space in homes and businesses. They help you save land costs in locations where horizontal land space is a premium while increasing the resale value of your building.

The garage car lift storage can be designed to fit your building or our building planners and architects can work with you on your building designs.

Hydraulic Freight Elevator Solutions

Hydraulic freight elevators are designed to transport heavy cargo under immense stress and prolonged usage. Beyond the conventional products offered by most elevator manufacturers in Vancouver, we have innovated on this age-old system to create a more rugged and eco-friendly product. We would appreciate an opportunity to engineer one for you.

Dumbwaiter Lifts

This is best for transporting smaller objects between different vertical floors. Our dumbwaiter lifts can also be adapted to industrial environments and designed to be resistant to dust, fire, and explosion.

Handicap and Wheelchair Platform Lift

Wheelchair Accessibility Lifts also known as handicap lifts are designed to carry persons in a wheelchair and their attendants through different levels.


Ours is unique because it does not require pit depth and overhead, creating more space and allowing for more architectural flexibility.

Turnkey Solutions – Free Standing Hoists for Lifts

Bramalea Elevators offer free-standing and stable hoistway structures for buildings where hoistway shafts are not available or possible. You won’t need additional construction and the hoists can be used for material lifts, freight elevators, dumbwaiter, and wheelchair lifts.

We Focus on You

Our team of experts will guide you through all the important decisions and design your lift with utmost care. As the leading elevator company in Vancouver, we owe it to you to provide efficient solutions, and that is all we’re about.

We are familiar with all the safety regulations for elevator installations in Vancouver and we ensure that all our products meet these standards while delivering the best performance.

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