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The Benefits of Purchasing a Free-Standing Lift for Your Detroit Building

Our team has great experience in offering the latest free-standing lift products to clients throughout Detroit and the local region. Many buyers remain unclear on the benefits these products might bring to their properties, and so within this latest post we’ll highlight three of the many benefits of free-standing lifts for local Detroit buildings.

No Load on the Building

For smaller buildings in which a traditional lift product would be structurally unsound, the free-standing lift offers the perfect alterative.

A free-standing material lift can help to ensure that there is no impact on the surrounding building from the conveyance activities and this ensures that the building operations can be completed efficiently and safely.

The process is designed to ensure that all insurance elements are taken into consideration during the installation of the free-standing lift.

Simpler Installation

Another clear benefit of the free-standing lift options throughout Detroit is that they can be installed in local buildings quicker and more effectively than other built-in products. The impact on the building during the integration process is minimal and the time required to achieve safe and full integration is minimal. This means that free standing structures are the ideal option for building owners with immediate requirements in the coming weeks.


For growing companies, it’s also important to carefully consider the affordability of the latest free-standing lift options. Because there’s no need to install a structure within the building and make the building a part of the conveyance system, companies can save thousands of dollars turning to free-standing models. It’s why many building owners across the region are now turning to Bramalea Elevator to learn more on our material lift and its many benefits.

Our team at Bramalea Elevator has great experience across the conveyance marketplace. We’re here to respond to all customization requests and to help educate building owners on the value of the latest models. To discover more on our company and our work, get a quote from us today!

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