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What Are the Features Included in a Free-Standing Lift within Brampton Buildings?

One of the most important benefits provided by a free-standing lift is that it can help Brampton building owners to reduce the amount of room required to integrate the lift. The lift is designed with support structures and so it can be installed directly within the building for optimal performance in a short time-frame. But before investing in a free-standing lift within your Brampton building, it’s important you gain an understanding about the features included. And so, within this latest post, we’ll provide an overview regarding the features of the free-standing lift.

Factory Assembly

Because each element of the product is assembled within the factory, building owners can reduce the amount of time required to integrate the elevator in their facility. This means that the installation work can be completed over hours instead of days. It’s the ideal addition for growing businesses that wish to minimize the amount of time their building is shut down for integration work.

Various Capacities

The flexibility of the free-standing lift means it can be installed according to the unique parameters of the building owner. Our team at Bramalea Elevator can build your system according to the requirements of the property, and so if you expect to receive hundreds of users a day, we can maximize the capacity of the system. We can also offer lower capacity models for those with limited conveyance needs in their building.

Non-Buried Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system of the free-standing lift is designed in-line with the latest safety requirements and environmentally-friendly engineering standards. Another clear advantage of the non-buried system is that it’s easy to access. This means that you’ll save valuable business hours each time the free-standing lift in the Brampton building has to be maintained.

It’s a high-quality addition to buildings across Brampton. Before installing a free-standing lift in your Brampton facility, it’s important that you speak with an industry expert regarding the requirements for the system. Our team has decades of experience in the conveyance marketplace and we’re available around the clock to answer questions and guide you regarding the newest available models. To learn more, call us today.

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