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Choosing Your Freight Elevator

Choosing the right Freight Elevator for your building is a major decision. Our trusted team here at Bramalea Elevator Ltd. recognizes the challenges our clients face in choosing high performance elevators for their buildings. These systems must be built to the highest of manufacturing standards to withstand the tough requirements of everyday use. It’s why we offer design and manufacturing that ensures the ideal freight system is built for each property. We want you to feel prepared and informed, so here is what to consider before making your choice:

  • Cab Size

Freight comes in all different shapes and sizes. We offer elevator cabs with width, lengths and heights to suit standard size objects like pallets or automobiles, but we also offer a range of size options to fit just about anything.

  • Weight Capacity

It is important to determine the maximum weight of the freight you plan to move. We ensure a design which will carry the full load of any material or machinery between floors. We offer a range of options to suit any capacity.

  • Loading Requirements

How material is loaded onto an elevator is an important factor in its design. Will a fork truck load the elevator? Will it be loaded by hand? These are just some of the options. The loading classification must match the elevator’s intended use for it to operate safely. This in conjunction with capacity will determine an elevator's Class of Loading. Let the experts at Bramalea help you to determine which classification your freight elevator will be rated for.

  • Rider on board

In many cases it is optimal for a freight handler to ride on the elevator with the load. This increases time efficiency which is important to any business. All of Bramalea's lifts & elevators are designed to meet the standards of the Canadian Elevator Code CSA B44 which stipulates that any device traveling a height over 2 meters is required to be safe for riders. Rest assured that anyone on a Bramalea system will be safe and secure on board.

  • Long lasting Performance

Make sure your system is designed for lasting performance. Our design team makes durability a priority and ensures each system is built for seamless operation.

  • Service Demands

Choose a system that offers low maintenance performance around the clock. Our systems are built to the highest of performance standards.

Ready to take a look at your elevator options? Contact us today to reach one of our experienced professionals!

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