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Five Big Reasons to Consider an Automobile Elevator

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Unavoidably, one of the biggest issues with storing vehicles - whether it's only one or two, or dozens - is the matter of space.

Given how much space even a few vehicles can take up, the problem of storing multiple vehicles can quickly become a complicated one.

This problem is compounded further when discussing large tenant buildings or car dealerships, which might need extensive ramp setups to allow access to multiple levels.

However, there is a simple solution which can be implemented in anything from one-car home garages to the largest of condo buildings: An automobile elevator. These devices are affordable, reliable, and can greatly improve space efficiency in any vehicle-storage unit of any size.

Five Big Reasons to Consider an Automobile Elevator

  1. Maximize Parking Revenue Look at how much space a typical two-lane ramp takes up within a large parking facility. That's space which could be used for storing cars and making more profit! An automobile elevator is only slightly larger than a single parking space, and can eliminate the need for ramps.

  2. Increase Small Garage Capacity Turn a one-car garage into a double-decker, safely and easily. Or, simply use it to increase the amount of storage space in your garage. When each elevator can hold up to 15,000 pounds (or more) comfortably, that means you can store almost anything on the elevator while still leaving room for a car below.

  3. Implement Rooftop Parking A single elevator can help change your flat roof into additional parking space. If the roof can hold the weight, the elevator can move the cars into place without needing extensive ramp work and other expensive renovations.

  4. More Dealership Display Options Want to make your vehicles more visible to more people? Move some onto a second or third level with automobile elevators. They'd still be accessible for sale, while being perfect display pieces that can be seen from far off.

  5. Increase Building Value A reliable automobile elevator can significantly increase the resale value of a condo or other property. They're a major selling point, particularly to buyers looking to maximize profit.

Turn to Bramalea Elevator to Improve Your Vehicle Storage

Bramalea Elevator automobile elevators are highly reliable, capable of holding large weights, and can be custom-designed to fit vehicles of any size. With all the latest safety features, they're an excellent investment.

Contact Bramalea today for a free quote!

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