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Wheelchair Elevator Benefits

Do you know one of the biggest challenges senior citizens or disable people face?

In one word: Mobility.

It's so hard for people in a wheelchair to move from floor to floor without any assistance. Life doesn't have to be this way. You can install a wheelchair elevator in your Toronto commercial or residential properties to assist them.

But before we get into the benefit of a commercial handicap lift, let's look at its definition:

What is a Wheelchair Elevator?

It is either an indoor, or an outdoor vertical lift/platform lift that's designed to raise a physically challenged person to overcome a step.

The lift is powered by hydraulics or electricity. Thanks to these devices, a physically challenged person can be lowered or elevated to any floor level without leaving their wheelchair. These wheelchair lifts come in the following models:

An Enclosed Model: In this model, the wheelchair and the person remains on the platform which is enclosed as the lift moves up and down. This type of lift is mostly used outside where the safety of the user may be hampered.

Shaftway model: It is a model meant to lift a person within existing walls like a typical elevator. It is usually installed either on a residential or commercial building.

Stage model: it is a model to cater to shorter heights or elevator.

Opal model: it resembles an enclosed model. The only difference is that it has a ceiling.

Benefits of Wheelchair Lifts

Saves Time

When you own a business, you want to give customers an easy time to access your premise and save time. One way of doing that is by installing a commercial wheelchair elevator.

A commercial wheelchair elevator will eliminate bottlenecks in traffic. That means a physically challenged person will access your premise and your products or talk to your representative.

Boost Security

One of the most significant benefits of a wheelchair lift is that it brings security to a company. Safety in the sense that, it saves money in case a physically challenged person got an accident as they try to access your premise. You'll also save money in the sense that these wheelchair lifts are durable.

Promote Freedom and Independence

The beauty of having a wheelchair lift is that you don't have to rely on people to move anywhere. Since it is friendly, one may not find it to be complicated.

Best of all, it ensures people will enjoy accessing your facility in Toronto in comfort without having to worry. Before you install any wheelchair lifts, make sure to get the right size and style. This level of freedom and independence is not possible with a wheelchair ramp.

With a wheelchair ramp, you will still need a person to assist you. Best of all, it will require a lot of floor space. If you have a large story building, a wheelchair ramp may not be economical for long use.

But having a wheelchair lift saves time and promotes independence any physically challenged person may need. That said, you have more reason to go for a wheelchair elevator.

For more information on the type of model to install and size, you can ask Bramalea Elevator for assistance.

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