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Our trusted Toronto team has decades of experience offering quality wheelchair elevator systems to clients throughout the region.


We work with building owners to help them find the best way to integrate the newest systems into their buildings and offer custom solutions designed to help assure full accessibility within their property.


If you’re a Toronto building owner searching for wheelchair elevator installation services, we’re the expert of note.


Affordable Equipment

Our enclosed vertical platform lifts provide an affordable alternative to traditional elevator lift options. We can help you to save thousands of dollars in integration costs and ensure that ideal system for your budget.


And because we only offer the highest quality systems in the marketplace, we can help you to save thousands of dollars on maintenance in the coming years.

Reliable Systems

Our wheelchair elevator products have been used in thousands of buildings across the region and have been proven reliable over many years of service within the marketplace.


Our engineers work tirelessly to ensure that each system we build is designed based on the latest in performance and safety standards and equipped to provide decades of quality service to our clientele.

Quality Options

Few companies in the marketplace can match the options provided by Bramalea Elevator. We can customize our elevators based on platform size requirements and on building restrictions, thereby ensuring that perfect elevator for your building.


When you call Bramalea Elevator, we’ll connect you with a specialist who can then guide you on the full range of quality conveyance options we provide. It’s a commitment to service unmatched across the marketplace.

Our team at Bramalea Elevator can provide you with quality wheelchair elevator options based on the highest standards within the marketplace today. To learn more about our services and the options available, call today!


If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to contact
us for a quote, please fill the form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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