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The time and manpower require to transport freight up and down stairs in a building is a significant cost to many building operators. It’s a process that can lead to significant injuries and thereby place companies at risk of incurring workplace’s compensation costs.


Choosing a freight elevator from a trusted installation company in Vancouver is the best way to improve operations within the building. Our Vancouver team at Bramalea Elevator are freight elevator specialists and we’re now introducing our full range of local services.


Custom Freight Elevators

We can custom build a freight elevator for your building. Our team offers elevator systems in a range of weight capacities, from 100lbs to 20,000lbs, depending on your demands.


We can also custom build platforms to ensure any load can be carried with ease.

Intuitive Control Systems

Each element of the elevator design at Bramalea Elevator is optimized for elegant performance within your building. Your team members will be able to simply operate with the elevator with easy-to-use controls and simple procedures for emergency scenarios.


We also work with your team after the installation has been completed to ensure there’s a full understanding on elevator operation.

Safety Systems

Each freight elevator installed in Vancouver must abide by strict safety protocols for seismic activity. Our freight elevators are rated for seismic zone 4, ensuring the utmost safety in the event of an earthquake.


One example of our commitment to safety for installation in seismic zones is the use of snag protection for the traveling cable, which ensures that occupants are protected against the swinging that can occur during seismic events.


Our elevators also feature two-way communication in case of emergencies, keyed override switches to prevent unauthorized use, and a battery-powered light and alarm system.

Safety Systems

Since each of the elevators we install is built to the highest of performance standards, building owners can look forward to decades of optimal performance from their system.


Our elevators are certified as per the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), our lift fabrication is done as per the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), and we hire only licensed, professional engineers for the work.


It’s how we’ve become the leading Vancouver freight elevator specialist over many years.

Our trusted team here at Bramalea Elevator can help guide you in integrating the ideal freight elevator for your building. To learn more on our expertise and services, contact us today for a quote.


If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to contact
us for a quote, please fill the form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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