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Our Commercial Wheelchair Platform Lift Options in Toronto

In choosing the ideal wheelchair platform lift for your facility, it’s important to take into consideration the full range of accessory options. Our team at Bramalea Elevator has significant experience guiding clients within the marketplace, and within this latest post, we’ll highlight some of the commercial wheelchair platform lift options in our Toronto catalog.

Flexible design solutions

One of the leading reasons so many clients choose the services of Bramalea Elevator is that we can respond with a full range of service options. Our commercial wheelchair lift systems are available for all Toronto buildings and can be designed to fit the unique parameters of the property. For example, we offer design solutions for properties with limited room overhead or with limited depth capacities. This engineering work has helped the company support clients across the marketplace in delivering high-quality wheelchair platform lift options.

Reduced costs

Compared to the passenger elevators offered by our competitors, our commercial wheelchair platform lift is designed to reduce the costs of adding conveyance products. The lift requires only a limited installation process, and the cost for the unit is a fraction of a passenger elevator. This means that building owners with a number of financial demands can find their ideal conveyance product through our wheelchair lift selection


Our commercial wheelchair platform lift options will help Toronto business owners meet the CSA B355 safety code within the industry. When an audit of the property is completed by safety inspectors, they’ll find the building to be in ideal condition for transporting guests in wheelchairs. It’s an addition that can enhance the company’s reputation across the marketplace consideration.

Choose with Bramalea Elevator

Our expert team at Bramalea Elevator is available around the clock to answer questions and guide you in choosing the ideal commercial wheelchair lift for your Toronto building. To discover more about the company and the options we offer within our catalogue, please call today.

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