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Improving the Safety and Efficiency of your Business

The time and extra manpower required to transport freight up and down stairs in a building can be a significant cost to many business operators.

It’s a process that can put employees at risk of injury, resulting in lost hours, sick days, or expensive workplace compensation costs.

Choosing an elevator designed to carry freight from a trusted supplier is the best way to improve operations and safety within your business.

We at Bramalea Elevator Ltd. are the leading freight elevator specialists and we offer a full range of local services.

But is the Cost of a Freight Elevator worth it?

The team at Bramalea Elevator works very hard to keep our pricing affordable so that building owners can ensure the safety of their properties with the leading material handling systems.

We offer a free quote to all clients with no obligation, in order to highlight the value of our offers. We will compete with any price offered by other suppliers.

Product Selection

We will work closely with each client to choose which product is the best fit. We offer economical alternatives to freight elevators, such as a material lift, a conveyance system that offers the same safety and reliability of a freight elevator, at a fraction of the cost.

Custom Designs and Intuitive Control

We can custom build a freight elevator for your building. Our team offers elevator systems in a range of weight capacities, from 100lbs to 20,000lbs, depending on your demands. We can also custom build platforms to ensure any load can be carried with ease.

Each element of our elevator design is optimized for elegant performance within your building.

Your team members will be able to simply operate with the elevator with easy-to-use controls and simple procedures for emergency scenarios. We also work with your team after the installation has been completed to ensure there’s a full understanding on elevator operation.

The Safest Systems

Every Bramalea Elevator design strictly adheres to the latest North American elevator codes, ASME A17.1/CSA B-44 safety standards.

This means that all our installations are inspected and certified by the local provincial/state authority. Our clients are guaranteed an accredited system, with minimal failure rates and safety issues over many years.

Our design and manufacturing teams work together during the testing phases for our products to monitor component performance in a range of environmental conditions.

This process helps to ensure that our systems surpass the expected performance standards and achieve reliable operation over decades.

Durable Elevator Performance

Since each of the elevators we install is built to the highest of performance standards, building owners can look forward to decades of optimal performance from their system.

Our elevators are certified as per the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), our lift fabrication is done as per the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), and we hire only licensed, professional engineers for the work.

It’s how we’ve become the leading freight elevator specialist over the past 25 years.

Need more information?

Bramalea Elevator Ltd. has been a leader in the manufacturing, installation and service of Material Lifts, Freight & Automobile Elevators, Dumbwaiters and Wheelchair Lifts for over 25 years.

Contact our expert sales team now to answer your questions or get a no-obligation quote. Or provide us your contact information in the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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