Q: Do you use a buried cylinder design?

A: No. All Bramalea Elevator products are designed with non-buried, hydraulic cylinders. This is a more environmentally friendly approach as there is no chance of oil to leech into the ground if a leak were to occur. Instead, any oil that leaks is collected in the cylinder tray mounted on the pit floor and gets recycled back into the hydraulic system.

Q: Why can I buy a ‘Material Lift’ in the USA for a cheaper price?

A: In the USA the term ‘Material Lift’ is another name for Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC). A VRC will move products from one elevation to another, however they are not considered elevators as they transport material only. Therefore, elevator safety codes do not apply to them. VRC’s have their own national code (ASME B20.1) and are specifically exempt from the national elevator code ASME A17.1. The ASME B20.1 code does not comply with minimum safety requirements for elevating devices in Canada, thus has not been adopted by the Canadian Elevator Code CSA B44. Moral of the story, a VRC is not a legal elevating device in Canada.

Q: Do the terms Lift and Elevator mean the same thing?

A: Well if you were in England, then yes, it would mean the same thing. However in North America the two terms are different. The differences between a Lift to move freight (formally known as a Freight Platform Lift) and an Elevator to move Freight (Freight Elevator) are detailed in our Line of Products section, but to summarize, a material lift:
• Restricted to freight handlers only
• Speed not to exceed 0.15m/s (30ft/min)
• Travel not to exceed (7.6m in specific provinces)
• Controls to be continuous pressure
A Freight Elevator on the other hand does not have these same restrictions, however other safety devices must be a part of the system to meet the requirements of CSA B44, including a car gate and ceiling, emergency lowering, autodialing service and fire alarm initiating devices

Why Bramalea?

In House design and manufacturing

We maintain cutting edge in-house Research and Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Service Departments. Everything we do is Canada made.

Exceeding Provincial Safety Standards

We are registered with the Local Safety Authority of each Province.

Canadian Welding Bureau

Shop welding for lift fabrication is done as per Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) standards.

Licensed Professional Engineers

We hire only Licensed Professional Engineers.

Qualified Technicians

We have qualified technicians who are licensed under the Elevating Devices Act.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

We are registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

Certified Products

We ensure that our products are certified as per local regulations. Furthermore, all our products and equipment are Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified.

Canadian Elevator Construction Association

We have a long standing Membership with the Canadian Elevator Construction Association (CECA).

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