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3 Useful Facts You Should Know Before Purchasing a Material Lift

Commercial and industrial lifts & elevators are becoming increasingly popular in today’s economy. As companies expand, so too does the need to access more space. Material Lifts and other specialty elevators create easy access to other levels. Where manpower is too slow or dangerous, a material lift is the perfect substitute. If you require the movement of equipment or material in your line of work, consider these 3 reasons to invest in a Material Lift.

Material Lifts are Multi-Purpose Machines Material Lifts are no longer devices found only in factories or the back end of warehouses. Their versatility and affordability means they can be found pretty much anywhere, including (but not limited to) retail outlets, grocery stores, hospitals, storage facilities, condominiums, auto dealerships, hotels, restaurants, libraries, theatres, schools, museums, zoos, wineries and homes (just to name a few). Material Lifts are a true problem solver for a myriad of clients.

Material Lifts are Easily Customized Material Lifts can be designed to carry just about anything. The length, width and height of the cab can be designed to fit any sized object. The carrying capacity & load stability can be customized to hold any weight, whether the load is concentrated or spread out. Material Lifts are designed with the surrounding environment in mind as well. Perhaps the lift is exposed to the elements, or is located in a highly volatile area. Weatherproof, or explosion proof features are available. The great thing about Material Lifts is they can be installed just about anywhere!

Safety Features Are Built In Material Lifts are guaranteed to securely and safely transfer goods to where you need them to go. Built in features provide a high level of safety to ensure your goods are never damaged. Even more important, Material Lifts are rider enabled. Authorized handlers are permitted on board, which saves time and money and it is essential that every person who embarks is safe. For more information on the specific safety features, click here.

Have more questions? Bramalea Elevator Ltd has been a leader in the manufacturing, installation and service of Material Lifts for over 25 years. Contact our expert sales team now to answer your questions or get a no-obligation quote. Or provide us your information in the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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