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What Does Bramalea Elevator Offer on A Material Lift?

Many people know material lifts by other names. Some of it many names include cargo elevator, freight platform lift, mezzanine lift, or rider-enabled VRC. Regardless of nomenclature, material lifts are toughened elevators that are used to transport freight vertically through different platforms in a building in a safe way.

Material lifts are optimized to reduce space utilization and facilitate the swift movement of employees and freight in the workplace.

Here are a couple of reasons you should consider getting a material lift in Vancouver.


Versatility and adaptability are among the main reasons for the increasing demand for material lifts in Vancouver. Material lifts can be used in almost any kind of building, ranging from warehouses to restaurants, hospitals, schools, wineries, and apartment buildings. It can be adapted to any building and can be customized to carry just about anything. Although they are versatile, you can't just pick any lift from several material lifts for sale. You should get advice from a seasoned expert who can examine your specific building to see if there's a limit to the weight it can support. Generally, however, material lifts can be customized to suit buildings of all types and meet your needs.

Safety Compliance

The ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Elevator codes permit the use of material lifts. Additionally, material lifts are a sure way to save time while meeting your staff's safety needs. Built-in safety features ensure that goods and personnel are kept safe during the ride.

Optimum Performance and Durability

Despite a safety-first design, our material lifts deliver incredible performance. They can take on any load and operate for long hours without any downtime. Years after installation, our customers still enjoy smooth rides and move as much weight as the first time they used it.

Why Bramalea Elevator Ltd?

At Bramalea elevator, we offer a wide range of material lifts for sale and other complementary services. Bramalea Elevators Ltd. has been industry leaders in manufacturing, installing, and servicing elevators for over 25 years. We bring that matchless experience to the table when we install your material lifts in Vancouver.

Some of our services include:


When you choose a Bramalea Elevator, you get a team committed to meeting your specifications. We can customize the size of the cab and the door dimensions to fit any sized object. Our material lifts are also customized to be environmental-friendly. For instance, we integrate zero-pit material lifts into your building to prevent any alteration to your original building plans. We also offer weatherproof material lifts in Vancouver, for outdoor lifts.

Experienced Guidance

With over 25 years of expertise at our disposal, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands in the city. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced experts who provide customer-friendly services from installation to maintenance to ensure that your lift runs smoothly for years to come.

Safety-First Design

All our products meet the ASME A17.1/CSA B44 safety standards. A local/state authority personnel duly inspects every installation, and our customers receive an inspection certificate. Our material lifts come with built-in safety features that protect your staff and keep your load steady in transit.

Contact Us

We provide durable and efficient material lifts in Vancouver for buildings and businesses of all types. We are prepared to inspect your building and offer you the best solution. To make inquiries and to speak with an expert, reach out to us today!

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